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Spray tanning services in Rushden

Get a beautiful and luxurious tan without spending all day in a tanning bed. Simply Beauty offers spray tanning services to customers in Rushden, Wellingborough, Raunds and the surrounding areas.

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Get a flawless sun-kissed look

Whether you wish to have a beautiful bronze glow for your next holiday or simply need to top-up your tan for a few days, our tanning treatments can be perfect for you. Our tanning specialists can give you a flawless tan that lasts between 5 to 7 days. If you have never had a spray tan before, we can also offer expert advice on the tanning procedures and the expected results for each layer of tan applied.

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Why spray tans?

- Evenly tanned skin
- Quick and easy
- Lasts longer than self-tans
- Streak-free
- Natural looking results

Lower Body
Shaved Legs

Versatile options for you

Bondi Sands consists of superior quality products and is available in three different colours. From light, medium, and dark you can select the level of tan that best suits your skin tone. Take a look at our price list or contact us today.

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